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    Why Choose Us
    Approaching 40 years experience
    Ranked top 5 in China in material handling industry
    Abundant various parts in stock
    Highly acknowledged for innovative design
    High efficiency and reliable quality
    Ergonomic design and humanistic service
    Quick after-sales service
    Customer orientation

    ZHEJIANG UN FORKLIFT CO.,LTD is a material handling equipments combining research, manu-facturing, sales and service. Approaching 40 years experience, UN FORKLIFT is well known in the world and you can see its sales or service centers everywhere. We have many distributor take in charge of different regions in China and broad.Pursuing the management philosophy “Innovate, Surpass, Unify”UN FORKLIFT made a rapid progress in the past years. The newly estab- lished workshop has the production capacity of 15000 units/year. The promising strategy together with the advanced technology attracts a number of professionals working for the development of UN FOKLIFT.

    Focus on research and development

    UN improves forklift inside and out for compact design, operator’s comfort and productivity, as well as its prolonging lifespan.Each series is made with uniqueness:

    • IC forklift- the suspension chassis reduces vibration to the maximum.
    • Electric forklift- side battery changing system saves operators time and increases productivity.
    • V.N.A warehousing equipment- intelligent control system gives operators the accuracy and reliability.

    Armed with high-tech and the tenet of customer orientation, UN Forklift leads and brings up new ideas in the material handling industry.


    Till now, UN Forklift has become one of the biggest and experienced material handling equipment manufacturers in China with the most advanced technology. With all achievements, we are proud of UN FORKLIFT and say we are forklift!


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    Choose your forklift

    Whether you need a new forklift,
    UN has it all.

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    Service and support

    Full spare parts supply. 7/24 Service. Free training are provided.

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    Talk to UN

    Talk to your local experts at UN Material Handling, The most suitable solution will be provided to you.

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