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    Brand Value

    Enterprise Value

    Get win-win situation with customers, compete and cooperate with peers, share common development with employees.

    Enterprise Spirit

    Share happiness, share harvest together.

    Enterprise Object

    Set up a renowned hundred year old brand in the world.

    Market Concept

    Quality first, quick service, gain customer satisfaction.

    Enterprise Mission

    Integrate advanced technologies to promote progress of the industry.

    Managing Concept

    Contribute to society through our honest work in business.

    Management Idea

    No subordinates or superiors allowed.

    Enterprise Slogan

    Together with UN to be the world-class enterprise.


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    Choose your forklift

    Whether you need a new forklift,
    UN has it all.

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    Service and support

    Full spare parts supply. 7/24 Service. Free training are provided.

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    Talk to UN

    Talk to your local experts at UN Material Handling, The most suitable solution will be provided to you.

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